Welcome to Pierce of Art tattoo studio. We are the leading tattoo studio in Chesterfield. This is no coincidence, it is due to dedication, super high standards of work, unequivocal hygiene practices and most of all, a great atmosphere. The coffee isn’t bad either! Regarded by local Health & Safety officers asa  best practice studio we always aim to go above and beyond what the current H&S standards are and in some cases we have worked with local government to help advise on improving the industry. It doesn’t stop at tattooing either. Did you know we are the innovators of the world’s first and only accredited body piercing courses. We use these same standards with our body piercing services and laser tattoo removal treatments. So why not pop in to the studio and find out what all the talk is about.

2.Body Piercing

As the innovators, writers and teachers of the world’s first and only accredited body piercing course it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about cosmetic body piercing. We practice what we preach so rest assured you are in safe hands. Not only will you receive FREE aftercare advice for an unlimited period after your piercing, we will also provide you with a prefessionally printed aftercare leaflet to guide you through the process of looking after your new body piercing. All body piercings are carried out by experienced staff using clean hands, single use disposable examination gloves, new sterilised piercing needles (opened infront of you – the client), sterilised/sealed clamps, sterilsed sealed titanium body piercing jewellery measured appropriatly to fit your anatomy and all surfaces are cleaned using tri-gene after each and every client.

For your added safety we will never use surgical steel jewellery. Due to our popularity we currently have threequalified body piercers in the studio.

3.Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is NOT as painful as you think. Gone are the old days of pain and scaring, with our new modern laser machines, experienced operators, techniques and methods you can now remove your unwanted tattoos from as little as £25 per session. We’re dedicated to maintaining the high standards so apparently present throughout the studio in every service we offer. This includes our laser tattoo removal service!!! In total we have two trained and qualified specialists to carry out your treatment so many cases you can just walk in. You won’t be waiting long.