So, you want to learn how to tattoo or pierce? If you’re serious about it, you’ll do it the right way. The wrong way is by buying a “shop in a box” kit and trying to teach yourself. The right way is through apprenticeships or courses – learning from a skilled artist with hands-on experience.

Fortunately we are. We all know tattoo Apprenticeships are hard to come by but more importantly good tattoo apprenticeships are rare, to say the least. When it comes to learning to tattoo you should already have a real love for art and be quite competent at drawing. And if you are really enthusiastic you should even have put together a portfolio of your work.

Pierce of Art knows that good tattooists are in high demand at the moment but unfortunately the knowledge and expertise isn’t being passed on to young enthusiastic artists. This is why we have developed a tattoo course quite different from the “short courses” you may find on the internet. It is possible to learn body piercing in a short course but NOT tattooing. That takes time! Our tattoo course has been developed more for quality than convenience or speed although we do charge similar prices.

How our courses work. Our tattoo Apprenceship is taken over 3 months at an average of 5 days per week. You will shadow an experienced, polite, respectable and supportive tattoo artist throughout this time. You will learn different styles of tattoos along with different styles of tattooing methods for different areas of the body. Your knowledge will extend through health and safety, controlling cross contamination by utilising ‘universal precautions’, and understanding what blood borne viruses are. You will learn how to interoperate what a customer is looking for and how to transfer that to a tattooable image.

Our tattoo facilities include private classrooms and private tattoo room, state of the art tattoo machines (rotary and coil) and equipment and even infra-red taps to help with cross contamination long with a hospital grade autoclave machine for sterilisation.

Fees – The cost of taking a tattoo apprentice course with Pierce of Art is £4000 and is payable in full prior to the apprenticeship starting. Places are limited for this truly unique way to competently learn the art of Tattooing.

For body piercing courses please click here – body piercing courses

If you would like to sign up for one of our courses please contact us and an advisor will contact you.